Smart and effective professional laundry products from Asko Appliances

ASKO offers a full range of professional laundry products for all kinds of companies. Create a effective and high-quality laundry area.

Professional - Washing machines

Our professional washers are robust, reliable machines that are built to last longer – and they do. The 28 programme alternatives make our professional washer one of the most flexible on the market. You even have the option to design your own wash program to perfectly match your type of laundry. They are cost effective with low running and maintenance outlay.

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Professional - Tumble dryers

All our professional tumble dryers have a robust easy to use LC display, Easy Control™ with a jog dial for program selection and a start/stop button. The display clearly shows the chosen program and remaining time and the program memory automatically remembers the last run program including any settings, which means that for the next load all you need to do is to press start. As one of the quietest professional tumble dryers on the market it will also contribute to a good sound environment.

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Professional - Drying Cabinets

Our new heat pump drying cabinets are low in energy consumption but high in drying efficieny. With a dehydration capactiy of 22 g/min they dry a 4 kg load in just 90 min and with a energy consumption of just 0,3 kWh. The cabinet is a fully closed system which means that no exhaust air connection is required. The moisture condenses during the process and the water that is formed is conveyed to a detachable water tank or via a hose to the drain.

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Professional - Accessories

All our professional models can be supplemented with a range of practical accessories to facilitate your work in the laundry area.

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Washing Machines with many features

Read about the stainless steel outer drum and our integrated coin operation system. This and other features are availeble in ASKO professional washing machines.

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Explore the features in our Tumble Dryers

Non-stop Butterfly Drying™ dryes your clothes without bundling and our Sensi Dry™ system determines the required time to dry your clothes. Read about this and other features here.

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Low noise level and other great features in ASKO Drying Cabinet

ASKO professional drying cabinets have the solution you need. With a heat pump drying cabinet you will get low energy consumption but high efficieny. Read more here.

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Professional areas

ASKO have produced professional appliances for many years and have gathered great knowledge and experience. Our machines is usualy used many times at the same day and by different users. You can read more about our areas here.