ASKO professional washing machines features 

More flexibility than ever - You have 28 different programs to choose from and three of these can be customised according to your needs. This is only one of the many great things with professional washing machines from ASKO. 

Professional door system - easy loading and unloading

The door has a key position on a washing machine and with the right design it can make a big difference. Therefore, we have put a little extra energy into designing a unique door system that will make a great difference to your everyday life. The door opens 180° which makes it possible to set a laundry basket close to the machine and thanks to the Smart Seal™ construction you don’t have the traditional rubber bellow in the opening, which makes it easier to load and unload. Finally, with the smart door lock you re-use the energy from opening the door for closing it; you just have to give it a slight push in the right direction.

Integrated coin operation

Our professional washer can be equipped with an integrated coin operation system. The system is easily adapted to a wide range of currencies. It’s available with two slots for both washer and dryer and one slot for the washer only.

Different wattage for different needs

Depending on the soiling level and the daily amount of laundry you will need different power levels. Our professional washers come with either 7 kW, 4,4 kW or 3 kW. The 4,4 kW washer can easily be rewired down to 2,2 kW and 3 kW down to 2 kW.

28 flexible programs

You will for sure find a suitable programme among the 28 programmes that are available. Three of these can even be customised and adapted according to any specific laundry load, soiling and delicacy.

Active Drum™

Our unique Active Drum™ design in combination with the hourglass-shaped lifters gives less wear on delicate items and better balance. The lifters also guide gravel to the larger evacuation holes in the lifter edges. Perfect for washing mops.

Stainless steel outer drum

The outer drum in an ASKO professional washer is made of durable stainless steel because it’s tougher, has higher quality and allows you to wash at higher temperatures and spin at higher speed. Even the top and front plates are made of stainless steel.

Cast iron counter-weights

Most manufacturers stabilise their washing machines with concrete. We’ve chosen cast iron, which lasts longer and also enables a higher spin speed, making the spin cycle far more efficient.

Quattro™ construction

The outer drum rests on four strong supporting shock absorbers firmly attached to a steel bottom plate. The entire construction is located inside the machine and spinning at high spin speed can be done virtually free of vibrations.

Induction motor

Our professional washers are fitted with robust induction motors without carbon brushes that can cope with the highest spin speeds, reduces noise levels and also increases the service life of the machine.