ASKO professional tumble dryers features 

Easy to use - Our tumble dryers have auto programs to choose from wich saves both time and energy. This is only one of the many great things with professional tumble dryers from ASKO.

Auto programs

The auto programmes are not only convenient to use, they also save energy as the running time is adjusted according to the amount of laundry you load or how dry you want the load to be. Here are four good ways to dry your laundry: • Auto extra dry • Auto dry • Auto normal dry • Auto iron dry

Heat pump technology

For business areas where the tumble dryer runs constantly, the heat pump tumble dryer makes significant savings in electricity. Drying a 8 kg load takes about 1,5 kWh. Rated with A+++ in the EU.

Robust single motor system

To ensure the belt runs precisely and the strain on adjacent components is minimised, we have a single motor system with a ball bearing belt idler in our dryers.

Self cleaning condenser filter

ASKO’s heat pump dryers are fitted with an automatic selfcleaning filter that eliminates the need to remove lint from the condenser filter.

Sensi Dry™ - no more overdrying

Our unique and patented Sensi Dry™ system determines the length of drying time required. Interaction between temperature sensors makes the drying result more even and more reliable than that of a conventional type sensor (which gauges electrical resistance). When you choose Auto dry you can decide how dry you want the load to be by simply choosing one of up to eight Auto programs. After that, our unique Sensi Dry™ system determines the length of drying time required. The program automatically stops when the clothes are dry.

Non-stop Butterfly Drying™

Other dryers use a “reversing” drying process, which means the dryer constantly changes direction. Our dryers tumble the laundry in a figure of an eight. Gently, non-stop and in only one direction, without the clothes bundling. This also saves both the belt and the motor, providing greater durability.

Easy clean condenser

To access the condenser, simply remove the lower section of the front panel and pull down the condenser cover. Then rinse it and put it back.

Double Lint Filter

Lint hinders the circulation inside the tumble dryer which leads to a higher energy consumption. This is why our dryers are fitted with a particularly efficient double filter and an automatic lint filter indicator that reminds you when it’s time to clean it.