ASKO professional dishwashers features - features an impressive capacity.

All our models are easy to install and have a lot of features to make them easy to use. We have a leak prevention solution, turbo drying and flexible dual crate baskets. Read about these and other features below.

Aqua Safe™

Our unique leak prevention solution is called Aqua Safe™. It’s an advanced safety system with up to 14 control points that continously monitors the machine for leaks and immediately stops the machine in the event of a potential leak.

Hot and cold water connection

The dishwasher can be connected to hot and/or cold water. It adjusts automatically to the connected water in order to achieve the best dishwashing result. To achieve optimal short dishwashing time, the dishwasher should be connected to hot water 65 °C.

Flexible dual crate baskets

The DWC5936 handles various types of dishwashing baskets on two levels at the size of 500 x 500 mm. You will easily fit 25 cm plates on both levels. If the upper basket is in its highest position there is room for 30.5 cm plates in the lower basket and removing the upper carrier makes it possible to load 56 cm high items.

Short program cycle - 5 min

Thanks to the efficient 6 kW element and the hot water connection (65 °C) you will get your dishes clean very fast, from five minutes.


All our professional dishwashers have a softener, which guarantees a perfect dishwashing result and retains function even in markets with hard water. Using the supplied test strip you test the water hardness and (via the display) set the amount of softener salt that needs to be used.

Variable pump pressure

You need high pressure when dishwashing a large beer glass, so it will be clean at the bottom, but low pressure when dishwashing a fine wine glass – so it does not fall over and break. That’s why we have fitted our professional dishwashers with a circulation pump that can vary the pump pressure.

External auto dosing

The DWC5936 model is fitted with equipment for connection an external auto dosing pump system of two chemicals, detergent and rinse aid. The DWC5926 model is prepared for connection an external auto dosing pump system of two chemicals, detergent and rinse aid.* This makes it possible to use professional chemicals which in turn enables the dishwashers to perform at short cycle times. * Connection kit for Model DWC5926 can be ordered as accessories or specified directly from factory before production.

Low noise

Excessive noise is a problem in many workplaces, and it’s something we’ve thought of by giving our professional dishwashers extra good sound insulation and equipping them with silent drain and circulation pumps. With a noise level down to 47 dB(A) they are one of the market’s quietest professional dishwashers.

Flexible programs

Restaurants, bars and cafés are examples of places where several different types of dishes with varying degrees of soiling are cleaned daily. That’s when it’s handy having different kinds of programs. In an ASKO you have all this, but also the opportunity to design your own programs to suit your needs even better.


We have designed every single basket to fit all possible kinds of loads. Fold down all the plate holders in the lower basket and you get a large flat area to put large bowls on. Place cups and ladles in the middle basket, or remove it to get extra space for baking pans. You get the roomiest dishwasher on the market, but also the smartest.

Turbo Drying Express+™

The DWC5926 is fitted with the unique Turbo Drying Express+™ system which blows warm air into the container and effectively evacuates moist air, enabling faster drying (which means shorter program times) and even dries plastic objects.

8 Steel™ + Acid proof container

There are few if any constructions as stable as those made of steel. Our dishwashers have 8 of the most important components made of high quality stainless steel: the container, the loading racks, the spray pipe, the spray arms, the outer base, the feet, the strainer and the heating element. In addition, our professional dishwashers have an extra durable acid-proofed container and door. Made of extra high grade quality steel.

Professional programs

When many different people use the same machine, user friendliness combined with flexibility in program choice is more important than ever. The user interface is located as a top panel. It is easy to use with only two buttons: a Program button and a Start button. If you just press start, the program used last time will be repeated.