Arctic char with Kalix bleak roe, dill and Jerusalem artichokes

    Award winning Swedish chef Tommy Eriksson is sharing one of his favourit snacks for the holiday. Challange yourself and prepare these delicious arctic char with Kalix bleak roe snacks for your guests. Enjoy!


    100 g Arctic char

    1 tablespoon Swedish ättika* (or use vinegar)

    2 tablespoons sugar

    3 tablespoons water

    2 g agar-agar powder

    20 g Kalix bleak roe* (or use roe of your choice)

    1 dl sunflower oil

    15 g dill

    1 egg yolk

    1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

    1-2 Jerusalem artichokes

    5 dl sunflower oil

    Dried dill


    Follow these steps:

    1.Trim the skin from the char fillet and cut it into 2x4 cm pieces. Cold smoke the fish for 30 min.

    2. Mix water, sugar, ättika/vinegar and agar-agar powder in a pot. Whisk the mixture while heating it up, and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Place it in the fridge an let it cool into a hard gel.

    3.Mix the gel into a cream using a blender, and place it in a piping bag. 

    4.Blend dill and oil until green. Whisk egg yolk and mustard together while slowly pour in the green oil, flavor with salt and tabasco.

    5.Scrub and slice the Jerusalem artichokes thinly on a mandolin. Heat oil to 170°C and deep-fry the Jerusalem artichokes. When ready lift out and place on kitchen paper, then finish with salt.

    6.Place the smoked arctic char on a plate and pipe the creme, Kalix bleak roe and dill mayonnaise onto the fish. Put the Jerusalem artichoke chips on top and finish off with dried dill powder


    Explanations of typical Scandinavian ingredients:

    * Kalix bleak roe comes from fish caught in the lightly-salted water off the coast of Kalix in northern Sweden. You can replace this with a roe of your choice.