ASKO 70 year anniversary

    In 2020, ASKO turns 70. We want to celebrate the history: 70 years of innovation and caring for people's wellbeing. We also want to celebrate the future, and the many years that is still to come. To do that, we have created a film about Marianne Pettersson Soold, a world-renowned calligraphy artist, who accepted the challenge of portraying our history, our present and our future in the form of a logo - consisting only of letters.

    "I love letters. To me, almost everything starts with hands and craft. Like ASKO –  for decades ASKO has promoted well-being and made life easier. So, I wrote an illustration of letters to honour the past and to salute the future of ASKO. In a way each message is a love letter."

    /Marianne Pettersson Soold

    A love story

    Our story started in the 50’s. A young farmer in Jung, south of Lidköping in Sweden, saw his mother’s predicament; washing by hand is wet, cold, hard and heavy. He wished to ease her burden, and so he invented his own machine - a sturdy, steady and reliable washer in cast iron and stainless steel. The beginning of ASKO was an act of love, no more, no less.

    We don’t yet know what the future holds, because we’re all in the process of shaping it together. But we know that we will continue to develop and refine the products that we love to make and are proud to deliver. We make you safe in the knowledge that your ASKO product is taking care of your clothes, your food, your dishes – and, by extension, you and your loved ones.