Elements by ASKO - unique range of kitchen appliances

    A force of nature

    The raw, primal energy of the four elements – fire, air, water and earth – has long been seen as the force that created our world and everything in it. It feels as if we're never far from the unpredictable energy and beauty of these elemental powers. 

    They're found in the force and potency of the ocean as it creates the coastlines and grinds rocks into sand, in our roaring waterfalls and fast-flowing rivers, and in the winds that caress the dales and sweep through the forests. They're found in volcanoes and geysers, in the energy that moulds the landscape and which, over the years, has forced coastlines up into the air and turned the earth into valleys and fjords. And they can be found in the mountains and crevasses themselves: in the immense weight and power of solid rock and minerals. 

    Today, of course, we also use the word to refer to chemical elements: the universe's building blocks, in their purest forms. But fire, air, water and earth still have the power to impress and inspire us.

    “The Elements by ASKO range is refined yet simple, it is clean, and it is down to earth.”

    Jon Carlehed, Head of Design at Asko Appliances

    Elements by ASKO

    The elemental landscape is an integral part of what makes the Nordic environment so special and unique. And along with the purity of chemical elements, it's inspired us to create a new range of high-performance, premium kitchen appliances. In it, our love for the elements combines with our passion for design, and our goal to bring you the kitchen equipment you deserve – which, in turn, will hopefully inspire you to harness the raw power of creativity in the kitchen. So, our tribute to the elements is found here, in our Elements by ASKO collection: in the solid look and feel of appliances, the pure, meticulously detailed finish, and the intuitive interfaces which put the formidable power of flame and steam fully in your control. Elements by ASKO: a force of nature.